August 21, 2017
August 30, 2017


Recently i booked my 2002 C240 in with Peter Gawn at EuroService Auckland Ltd (MotorService Ltd). Unfortunately, a number of common faults involving the infamous clicking sound from behind the dash, a faulty drivers seat control unit, several faulty servo motors, heater box flap actuating levers and a broken steering wheel adjustment drive piece, decided to check out, all at the same time. In addition, overnight the battery went completely flat. Needless to say a very costly repair as the dash, lower panels and centre console had to be removed. In addition, a propeller like sound that appeared to be coming from somewhere behind the dashboard was particularly irritating. Peter had the vehicle for several days as a seat control unit had to be sourced. Repairs completed, we headed back to Kerikeri after a busy week in Auckland. All was good until we got to Orewa, when the very irritating propeller sound raised its ugly head once more. (I must point out I'd not told Peter about this problem when I booked the car for service, but I did explain this to the Technician when i dropped the car off). Our options were few as we really didn't want to return to Auckland at that stage of our travels. I rang EuroService (MotorService) and Peter promptly returned my call. After a few minutes sorting things out, Peter arranged to send a Technician out to Orewa with a loan car. We transferred our luggage into the loan car and then I drove around with Gabby (Technician) for a few minutes in my C240 to make sure she heard the noise and could help Peter find the source. Later in the afternoon, I received a message with photo. The noise that had appeared to be coming from the dash was actually a piece of heat shield material that was rubbing against the drive shaft. This explained the rise and fall of the propeller like sound with the increase and decrease of engine revs. Peter told me this part is actually called a propeller shaft, so my description of the sound was not far off. Peter could have told me to just bring the car back and they would have a look at the problem the following day, which I'm sure would be a typical response. However, Peter chose to drop what he had planned for the afternoon and resolve the problem. He had to reshuffle other pending jobs and take Technicians off work in progress. Peter and his staff demonstrated to me a superior service commitment and attitude that we Mercedes-Benz owners should be proud of. I sincerely hope the membership will support Peter Gawn and perhaps give some thought to the value added benefits of utilizing the expertise at EuroService Auckland Ltd (MotorService Ltd) in the future. I should also mention that the car has never been driven and felt better - everything is working properly as if it just came off the dealers lot! And, Peter would not let me pay for the loan car nor any of the work involved in locating and fixing the problem.